IET Certification Classes

Basic Level / Beginner IET no prior experience with energy work necessary. For emotional & physical healing. You'll learn how to clear cellular DNA & energy blocks associated with emotional & physical issues. You'll learn all you need to know to do an IET session for yourself & others, learing in person and distant healing. Attunement included. No prerequisite. Certificate upon completion. You would be consider an IET Practitioner after completing this class.

1st & 2nd Pair DNA healing

Class length : 5 hours

Price: $225

Intermediate Level

Prerequisite Basic Level

Learn how to clear karmic energy blocks, clear the energy field all emotional, physical, mental & spiritual blocks. This class offers you healing for karmic & past life issues in your own life as well as mental blocks bringing more inner peace. You will learn new technique to pull out these blocks through the energy body. You will receive a new attunement to the 2nd level IET symbol.

2nd & 3rd pair DNA healing

length: 5 hours

Price: $225

Advanced Level

Prerequisite Basic & Intermediate

This class is all about your soul. Your life's purpose. Healing for the soul star chakra and other new soul healing techniques. You'll learn how to manifest your desires. New Attunement to 3rd level IET symbol. Advanced level certificate.

5th Pair DNA healing

length:5 hours

price: $225

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All refresher classes are offered at 1/2 price I can group classes together so you can take multiple classes at the same time. The pace you take the classes is up to you. Or you can decide to just take the one. The IET classes are a journey though healing can can transform your life in many positive ways.

*IET for Pets

Prerequisite Basic Level IET

Learn all you need to know to preform an in person & distant healing for Cats, Dogs & Horses. You will also learn about these animals spiritual mission of these animals as channeled from ArchAngel Ariel. This is a one day class, 4-5 hrs. Certification included Class Cost- $125

IET for Kids Class coming soon..

If you take an IET class with me you are also welcome to join my Angels of Healing Group. This is a free group, we practice IET together and seek out people & animals in need. Read more about The Angels of Healing by selecting the Angels of Healing on the homepage.